EXPO 2014 T-Shirt’s

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Get your EXPO 2014 T-Shirts!




EXPOT-Shirt T-Shirt Order Form

2014 EXPO Show Information

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2014 EXPO will be in Sept 2014 this year! 

2013-2014 Premium Book

Here are your important Deadlines to Watch!

The Premium Book is updated on the website for you use of all of the forms!

All Entry Deadline & Ear Tagging – June 7th 9-12 at Prescott Rodeo Grounds

Scholarship Deadline Postmarked by 1st Monday in Sept. 2014


2014 Schedule.

2014 EXPO Contact List

Seasonal Pass

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If you are a Beef, Goat, or Sheep exhibitor you need a seasonal pass!  This pass is for each animal exhibited.  You receive this pass from the AZ Department of Agriculture.



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